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Beautiful day!

Some people have such style and grace that it is breathtaking to watch. So filled with love, the crowd was bubbling over with mirth and tears intermingled. Beautiful people, beautiful setting, beautiful flowers, beautiful food...And of course the weather cooperated - beautifully.

Goodbye Fanny

We're sure gonna miss you!

Illustration Friday - Equipment

All the equipment I need for a good dinner!

And now for something completely different...

Ok, well, maybe not that different. I tried adding some collage in this illustration, for Sara's Heritage Doll, a picture book about ethnicity. This book just feels like it needs to have collaged elements in there. I am fairly happy with how this illustration turned out, and sent it off to a bunch of publishers last week. What do you think?
PS if you're wondering about Fanny, she is on prednizone and feeling much better...for now.

Ode to a dog...

Such a sad we found out that our welsh corgi, Fanny, has lymphoma. She is such a huge part of our family, none of us can imagine what it will be like without her nosing her way into everything we do... The first picture book I wrote (Fanny Stayed Home,unpublished but still cute) was about her wild puppy years, when we'd come home to a demolished kitchen almost every day.

Mother's Day at the Asian Art Museum

Faye and I shared our book at the Asian Art Museum yesterday. We sang nursery rhymes...
I showed the kids how to make dragon puppets...

and we signed our book. it was a great Mother's Day!

San Francisco Asian Art Museum this sunday!

Join Faye and I this sunday, 12:30-1pm at the Asian Art Museum Family Festival...Faye will be teaching some Chinese and English rhymes and I'll do a little craft project with kids. There will be events, storytelling, crafting, dance performances, etc... going on all day. Crazy but fun, I'm sure!

What the heck is gouache resist?

Many people have asked me about the technique I use in my illustrations: gouache resist.  Gouache is opaque watercolor. OK, so first I transfer or draw a pencil sketch on watercolor paper.
Next I paint with thick gouache, leaving white space around the edges of shapes and anywhere I want some texture.
After the gouache is dry, I paint india ink (I like Higgins Calligraphy ink) with a big soft brush all over the entire image. Yes, it seems scary, but do it anyway!
Now, my favorite part: once the ink is dry, I put the paper in the sink, turn the water on full blast and rinse off the ink. Usually I rub the paper with my finger a bit to help the ink come off where I want it to. Some of the gouache comes off too, here and there. I do go back in and touch things up.... and sometimes I throw it away and start all over again.
note: I learned this technique from a fabulous illustrator, Laura McGee Kvasnosky (  Check out her charming Zelda & Ivy books!