What the heck is gouache resist?

Many people have asked me about the technique I use in my illustrations: gouache resist.  Gouache is opaque watercolor. OK, so first I transfer or draw a pencil sketch on watercolor paper.
Next I paint with thick gouache, leaving white space around the edges of shapes and anywhere I want some texture.
After the gouache is dry, I paint india ink (I like Higgins Calligraphy ink) with a big soft brush all over the entire image. Yes, it seems scary, but do it anyway!
Now, my favorite part: once the ink is dry, I put the paper in the sink, turn the water on full blast and rinse off the ink. Usually I rub the paper with my finger a bit to help the ink come off where I want it to. Some of the gouache comes off too, here and there. I do go back in and touch things up.... and sometimes I throw it away and start all over again.
note: I learned this technique from a fabulous illustrator, Laura McGee Kvasnosky (www.lmkbooks.com).  Check out her charming Zelda & Ivy books!


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