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Edible East Bay

I just finished several illustrations for the cover of the next issue of Edible East Bay magazine. It's a beautiful mag that comes out four times a year, with recipes and info about farmer's markets, sustainability, and food in general. Here's one image they didn't pick.

Summer blahs

What I really want to be doing: laying in bed reading "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" , nursing my sore throat and drinking tea. But what I am doing is: writing report cards (150 total, I'm getting to the end), taking inventory in the Art room( an overwhelming task!), painting a couple of illustrations, and designing a spider ornament....all with looming deadlines!

Illustration Friday - Ripple

I can't wait to get up to the cabin and take a dip in the lake! Aaaah ...summer!

Circus art exhibit a big success!

This is what I've been doing for the past week...putting up an exhibit of my students' work. The opening was thursday night, and a big crowd came out to see the work of over 200 students, grades K-8.

I am not white

There has been an interesting discussion on the SCBWI liststerve that I subscribe to...about race/ethnicity and writing for children.  One of the questions brought up is whether or not it is ok for a 'white' person to write about people of color? I think it depends on your experience, and what you know best (however fantasy writers don't know about flying and magicians and dragons any more than I do)...but we are all people of color, different colors, and sometimes different colors at different times. My skin color is not white, copy paper is white. I am sort of peachy-gold, tanner and more freckled in summer than winter. Our family discussed this when filling out our census forms. I wrote in European American. My ancestors, or at least the ones I know about, mostly came to the US many generations ago, from Sweden, England, Scotland, Germany, but there are many more I don't know about at all... I have lived all my life in the multi-ethnic bay area, which I think colors…