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Illustration Friday - Old Fashioned


Baby Quilt - finished!

Now that this is in the hands of its owner, I can show it off here.  It was a simple pattern I got measurements for on someone's blog, I forget where now, or I'd give the designer credit. Easy and fun to make, I used lots of scrap fabric I already had. I hand quilted it, which took a while. I wanted to do more quilting, but ran out of time. Finished the night before the baby shower - phew!

Illustration Friday - Proverb

As is the gardener, so is the garden.

Illustration Friday - Dessert


New Beginnings

Lots of firsts around here, my son's first day of school ( high school jr. year - we've been taking front porch first day photos since preschool began), and our pup's first day of obedience class. I also started grad school this week, but, alas, no photo of MY first day.

Pup's favorite nap spot. (not a first, just cute)
First dog tricks. So far she has mastered (sort of): sit, stay, down, and JUMP! (she's VERY good at that one!)