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Happy Halloween!

There is so much going on around here important baseball game to watch! (GO GIANTS!) A pile of election material to sort through, and it's Halloween!
What will you be tonight?  This year I have the quickest, silliest costume to come later.
I'm off to carve my pumpkin...

Too much!

Too too much... too much going on, too much work, too much reading, too much school, too many obligations. I need to stop and remind myself to slloowww down and appreciate it all. I love fall, it's such a beautiful season, but I've hardly had time to notice, no I take that back, I've hardly MADE time to notice. I need to remind myself to stop saying YES to all the fun , interesting propositions that come my way, so I have time to ... BREATHE!

Illustration Friday - Spooky

Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are coming! Just got our first pumpkin today...

Inspired by Kristin Nicholas

Here's a quick pic I did last week, just frustrated with not enough time at my drawing board. This one is inspired by Kristin Nicholas' beautiful sheep photos.

Pasta alla Carbonara a Bietola

Phew! I just turned in this submission to the terrific blog, They Draw and Cook. It is still the 10th, right? At least on this side of the country it is.... hopefully that gives me another chance to get into the BOOK that is being published from all the submissions they have received. Take a look if you haven't yet , it is pretty fun to see recipes and art from all over the world!

Illustration Friday - Beneath

My pup lies beneath my feet....and I am sinking beneath a ton of reading, essays to write, lessons to plan, grocery shopping, cooking, dog walking,...oh yeah, and artmaking in there somewhere, too.