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I had fun playing around with these little guys. I think I need to more, they're so much fun to paint...maybe a whole line of them in a row. Or maybe they need a tree to sit on. I was trying out some new types of watercolor paper (don't like this one). I mostly use Arches 140 lb cold press, but I just tried Fabriano Ultra White, I think that's the name. It's whiter than the Arches....
I"m sort of feeling like playing hookey today, I mailed out 9 dummies in the last two weeks, phew, I always feel so relieved afterwards, it's so much work.  I usually treat myself to a cup of tea at Peet's across from the post office. Today I noticed a new cheese shop opened up right next door.
This could be dangerous.


  1. I am so glad that I can follow what you are up to on this blog - I absolutely love owls - so this was a bit of a treat. Keep posting and I will keep reading!

  2. These are fabulous, so much character and style.


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