Inspiration: Ana Juan

Here are two films of illustrator Ana Juan's work. I love her mysterious creepiness and the way she draws faces.  Her silhouettes are fantastic, too. Right now I am playing around with different ways to draw faces, and looking at the work of those who do it so well.  (I've also been teaching self-portraits to some of my students, including a group of adults this week for the first time ever. But that's another story.) Ana's have wide-set eyes, features low down on big round heads, and rather stoic expressions in the midst of chaos or strange events.

I do think her work would have given me nightmares as a little kid. Or at least strange dreams.

Although on second thought, I went through a phase in about 5th grade where I read all of Grimm's fairy tales, and those rainbow fairy books. Just devoured them.
I managed to sleep just fine.


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