It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Here is a silly ornament my son made in first grade at school...his school picture, made into an angel with doilies and a pipe cleaner halo. My husband loves to put this on the top of the tree. Especially poignant this year as that cute little guy is about to turn 18. What do you put on top of your Christmas tree?

Note: I did not do one bit of decorating this year. That visual director husband of mine did it all...while I typed!


  1. We won't be putting up a Christmas tree, but I love the star "chandelier" in your last photo. Did you make it, or did you buy it? I've got to figure out how to make a couple of those for next year's Christmas!

  2. ...a few years ago, it was a gift from my husband... I think you might be able to find one online, try Anthropologie. I bet you could make one pretty easily.

  3. I love your chandelier! can you tell me more about it?

    That angel is precious. We have an angel that my husband and I bought for our first Christmas 20 years ago. My children take turns with the honoring of placing it on the top for the "tree grand finale" every year.

  4. Thanks, Lisa. The chandelier was a gift...he found it at a shop in Corte Madera...try Anthropologie.


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