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Year of the Rabbit: Celebration at MOCHA this saturday!

Hop on over to  MOCHA -Museum of Children's Art in Oakland this Saturday, January 29, from 1 to 3pm to welcome in the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. Author Faye Wu and I will sing some nursery rhymes from our book, Chinese and English Nursery Rhymes: Stories and Songs to Share,  and make some rabbit art!

Illustration Friday - Chicken

Ha! an easy one for me, I love to draw and paint chickens, maybe because we had them in my backyard when I was a kid. They are such a great shape to draw. Homegrown eggs are the best, and I love the sounds they make poking around the yard, but I sure did hate cleaning out the coop.

Illustration Friday - Deja Vu

Yes, this really is a deja vu,  a story I wrote a looong time ago. I recently rewrote it, changed the ethnicity of the characters to make it less Eurocentric, cut about 200 words, generally whipped this baby into shape. I KNOW it is a much better story now. ...getting ready to send it out into the world... again.
Wish us luck!
PS "One of a Kind Ayana!", about a mixed-race girl who has to make a 'heritage doll' for a school project, and how she comes to terms with her complicated ancestry.  The illustration is her 'nightmare' , when Ayana is overwhelmed by it all.

Cleaning out the Nest

...and getting organized for the new year.
...and feeling a bit swamped after diving back into work this week, after two weeks of parties and feasts and sleeping late.
...not to mention the fact that my jeans are a bit tight.