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Here's the Real Deal, Folks!

After several comments about my 'tidy' studio  on Jennifer Bertman's blog (click the title above to go to her blog, From the Mixed-Up Files), I took this one...just now.

Chicken Soup for the Soul...

That's all I've been eating. And toast. I definitely picked the right week to get sick, what with the stormy weather outside. I forgot how miserable it is to be stuck at home, feeling miserable.(there must be a story here, I thought, so I took some notes.)  I actually turned on daytime TV today, first time in years. The only thing worth watching was a cooking show with Jacques Pepin & Julia Child, cooking mussels -yum! one of my all-time favorite things to eat. Why do I never cook them at home? So easy. I vowed to buy some as soon as I'm well enough to eat them.
...I must be feeling better if I am thinking about food...and about getting back to work.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, dear followers. Today's post is dedicated to you, my 16 followers. I started this blog a year ago on Valentine's Day. So thanks for sticking with me, or joining me on this cyber journey to where? I still am not sure. But it has been fun, coming up with post ideas, or creating images just for you. I have so appreciated your comments and encouragement! Creating art can be a lonely profession, blanketed with lots of rejection, so any comment at all goes right to my heart!
Click on the title above to see an interview/studio tour about me, on Jennifer Bertman's blog, From the Mixed-Up Files. My studio has never looked so clean, and probably never will again! Thanks Jennifer!

Illustration Friday - Reverse

Well, here's the image I was planning to post, all about how we should reverse back to winter, as we hardly got any this year...but I missed the deadline.
That explains a lot about how my week has gone. TGIF!

Curious George Saves the Day!

I went to see "Curious George Saves the Day!" yesterday at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. I have never been a huge fan of the rascally little monkey, but we had a few of  the Ray's books on our bookshelf when I was growing up. Well, I have new respect for the couple that made them now.
What an amazing life story! George is really a reflection of their lives in many ways. H.A. and Margret Ray were German Jews born in Hamburg. They lived in Paris at the onset of World War II, and made an exciting escape on bicycles a few days before the Nazis invaded. Their bike journey all the way to the south of France is mapped out on the wall of the museum, and a case full of ephemera from the trip, Hans' diaries, daily planners, grocery lists, descriptions of where they slept each night, their passports, etc, are all on display. I was struck by the positive outlook and sense of adventure that permeated their story, during such a panicky, fearful time. They eventu…