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What I did this summer...

Painted a cabin,
grew a salad garden,
had a great girl getaway,
painted a cabin,
hosted a 50th birthday party for 50 people,
researched and wrote three new picture books(still in the works),
painted a cabin,
painted some pictures,
and painted a cabin.

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy birthday to my man! I hope your wildest dreams come true this year. xoxo

Illustration Friday - Obsession

I guess I have an obsession with painting flowers... It's a nice counter to what I've been doing lately - writing. I am working on four different picture books, alternating between them when I get stuck. And jotting down new ideas that keep flooding in. I'm never at a loss for ideas, it's sticking with the ones I'm in the middle of that is difficult. As I see summer racing to a finish, I feel rushed to bring closure to these stories in my head.