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Where Does Inspiration Come From?

I never know when it will strike. Flipping through the September Elle Decor, paintings on a wall in a house in Texas. One painting stood out.
Yes, this one. For some reason, its graphic quality called to me.  An idea came, so I followed. Sketching quickly I could see them all in a row.
She wasn't quite what I had in mind, but I continued on.  A series of these earth maidens have bubbled up out of me. From that one painting on the wall. Really, is that where inspiration comes from? 

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

First day of kindergarten for that little guy on the right.

 First day of senior year. 
Ok, I admit I can't look at these without tears running down my face. This will be a year of many 'lasts'. We went to our last Back-to-School Night as parents the other night. (Not that I will hugely miss those, but I do like to see what other teachers are doing.)
The end of an era... and yet also the beginning of other things. Like an empty house, often. Time.
And a full fridge.
but it still makes me cry.

Children's authors who broke the rules

Good article in the NY Times the title above to find it.
Love Sendak's writing and his illustrations.

Shel Silverstein's drawings have such great line quality, and his poems really 'get' childhood.  (But I've always hated The Giving Tree)

And Dr. Seuss. Well, his manic energy is just infectious.

Labor Day

We built a new ceiling...
primed walls...
painted trim(til the paint ran out)...
finished the new deck...
= a very tired work crew.