O, to be in England...

I wish i was in England right now. I made scones for breakfast to celebrate the Queen, the hoopla, the royal boat parade on the Thames, the Big Lunch, all that pomp and circumstance, and washed it down with a pot of strong PG Tipps tea. 

I just love the monarchy, the castles, the carriages, the rituals. (I'd probably think it a big waste of money if I lived there, but I can admire all the pageantry from afar.) Our dear departed corgi, Fanny was named after my great grandmother, Frances Eliza Wood, who came to New York from Cornwall as a young girl. My great grandfather, Angus Gibson, came from somewhere in Scotland when he was two years old.  So I do have British blood in me. 

Below is Helen Mirren as Elizabeth in 'The Queen'. The corgis getting into mischief was my favorite part.

Here's a video of the artists and craftspeople invited to make crowns for the Harrods' windows...wish I could see them in person.

So, Hip Hip Hurrah! to you, Queen Elizabeth, for 60 years of hand waving, ribbon cutting and reigning supreme. 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing!! The crowns are beautiful. I particularly like the hand-blown glass and then the ever-popular chocolate!!


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