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Inspiration: Elizabeth Catlett

Right now I am working on my graduate school thesis: a series of picture books about women artists. Now I'm researching Elizabeth she is.
 She was a printmaker and sculptor. Born in Washington, DC, April 15, 1919. Her father, a math professor at Tuskeegee Institute, died before she was born. Her mother raised her and two older siblings alone. Elizabeth intially applied to Carnegie Institute of Technology, and was invited to attend a week-long entrance exam. Though her work was praised, she was denied admission due to the color of her skin. She graduated from Howard University, then was the first person to earn an MFA in painting at the University of Iowa in 1940. While at UI, she had to live off campus, 'colored' students weren't allowed to live in the dorms. She studied with Grant Wood. Became politically active, speaking out for students' rights, and those of women.

She moved to Mexico in 1946, and lived there for the rest of her life.  Married…

Here's what you missed...

So it was a gorgeous day... and we had over 50 people come to our first ever  'Art Sale in the Garden'.  I told a friend, "It's like a party, but with money."  Yes, yes it was. So much fun.
 These tea towels were the hot item of the day... completely sold out!

Thanks so much for coming to our sale! And for shopping! We'll let you know when we're doing it again... there's talk already of a 'fireside sale' before the holidays. Stay tuned!

Sneak Peek and Reminder: Art sale tomorrow!

Here's a preview of what we'll have for sale tomorrow...My linoleum prints, digital prints, greeting cards, and hand printed tea towels.

 Jewelry by Lisa Thorpe,  Prints and drawings by Sophie Worm.
We hope to see you here. Bring your checkbook, and bring a friend! 

Illustration Friday: Lost... and an ART SALE!

Don't count your chickens before they get lost? How about Don't get LOST, come to our art sale this saturday!? 

OK, I admit, it makes no sense. But come to our sale anyway! Lots of great art... going cheap!  CHEEP!

Getting Ready...

It's a real workshop around here, with every table surface covered by some project in the works.

Not having done this  before, I'm not sure what to expect this saturday, but I'm having a lot of fun getting ready for the sale!
Hope to see you here!

You're invited to an ART SALE!

In case you can't quite read the text above:
Artists Lisa Thorpe, Kieren Dutcher & Sophie Worm share their  original paintings, prints, and jewelry Saturday July 21, from 1:00-5:00 pm 5156 Shafter Ave Oakland

Busy as a bee!

It's been two weeks, what's up?
Vacationing with friends near and far, making new work, and getting ready for
a big ART SALE!

More to come... very soon!

And here's a link to a new picture book that just won the Gelett Burgess award,
Snutt the Ift, by Helen Ward. I haven't seen the actual book yet, but her artwork is always gorgeous, so I'm sure it's a beauty!