What do you need for a happy life?

I was asked this question at my first 'back to school' staff meeting. A moment to pause and reflect, before the race of the school year begins.

I need sunlight and flowers and raindrops. I need walks in the woods, on the beach, on a city street, in a museum, or a beautiful garden.
I need some animals around, usually a dog, who love me just cause I walked in the door.
I need my bike to ride, my legs and arms to stretch and run and do yoga, and someone to rub away the pain. Or a hot tub soak now and then.
I need and am grateful for good health.
I need the laughter and comforting acceptance of old friends, and the possibility of new ones.
I need ART and music and dancing and great food and drink and someone to share it all with.
I need all the colors of the rainbow. And some paintbrushes, paint, fabric, thread and yarn.A sewing machine, too.
I need BOOKS, piles of books. And time to read them.
I need explorations near and far, sometimes alone and sometimes not.
I need to do work that matters, to feel frustrated and then successful, and to know I made a difference.
I need my family who always loves me no matter what. And I love them back, with the craziness that goes along for the ride.
I need the joy and sadness and pride of watching my 2 children grow from my womb out into the world.
I need Daniel by my side , in my bed, in my head. To talk and listen. And just be. Always there, always.

What do you need for a happy life?


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