On his way...

So, our boy left for college on the other side of the country today. The listmaking, scrambling, packing, and rushing around has been intense in our house these last few days. These are not very good photos of the quilt I made, at his request, for his bed in the dorms; "Kinda dark, maybe brown, lumberjack-ish, and would you please use this old plaid shirt of mine?"
OK, one brown quilt, coming right up. I didn't want to put a huge amount of effort into this one, 'cuz who knows what kind of shape it will come back in. I fondly remember my time in college dorms and all the crazy things we did. My mom will be pleased to know he also packed the baby quilt she made long ago.
To wrap up in when he's homesick? Maybe.
I'm looking forward to our first skype chat tomorrow, and a tour of his new digs.
Oh, my boy, the house is already so lonely without you.
And so am I.


  1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of your making a quilt for your son to use at college! And how wonderful that he would request one from you. I am in awe.

  2. Thanks Susan and Debbie. Making quilts is one of my very favorite things to do...if I could make a living at that and painting, that's what I'd be doing!

  3. That first real send off to an independent life is unforgettable - and suddenly they are adults with a family of their own - and it all (really truly) does get better!!! Different, but (just as when they were very young) each stage just builds on the last.... Still, it takes some adjusting and while you know that it's a natural progression it's not always easy for your heart to understand! From another Mum who's Been There xxx

  4. Yes, Elizabeth, we are all oh so slowly adjusting here to this 'new normal'.


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