One Thesis: Finished

Yes! I turned it in yesterday. Felt so good.

"Beyond Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe"

What's that, you say? Beyond Frida & Georgia? But they are great artists.
Yes, they are, but there are so many other great women artists that I bet you have never even heard of, let alone seen a book or two about. Especially books for kids.

 I took a class a while back called Women in Art.
I was surprised to learn about many women artists I'd never heard of before. I got excited, asked too many questions in class, til the professor told me to stop (she did, really). 
Oh, I guess I can find out on my own. So I did.

And I wrote five picture books, each about a different woman artist.

 Rosa Bonheur, Maria Martinez, Sonia Delaunay, Elizabeth Catlett, Ruth Asawa

Look for them in print some day.

Who would you like to see a book about?


  1. How very, very exciting. What an accomplishment! Congratulations.

  2. Well done! A thesis is a big deal. I know only two of your five artists.
    Let's see, I would like to see a book about Margaret Preston... you would like her work I am sure.

  3. Thank you Gay. Margaret Preston? I'll look her up.

  4. I know it might be late, but congratulation on completing the thesis. I agree with you that a lot of great people are rarely known worldwide. So, it is good that your thesis help people read about some of those people, especially great women artist. Anyway, I do hope you publish your paper online for us to read it. It would certainly help people know a lot more about Frida Kahlo and Goergia o’Keefe.

  5. Thanks Caroline!
    It's never to late for a pat on the back! No, I'm not going to publish online, but will send these biographies off to publishers. I did not write about Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe, because there is so much written about them already. I chose to write about five other women artists: Rosa Bonheur, Maria Martinez, Elizabeth Catlett,Sonia Delaunay and Ruth Asawa. They all have had amazing lives full of artmaking.


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