This & That...and Happy Holidays!

 Sunday night Dan made dinner while I finished off the thesis... Look at that gorgeous calzone!
 It tasted great, too. 

Signed, sealed, delivered. DONE. Yes!  We had a drink in the city last night to celebrate. It was fun looking at all the store windows decorated for the holidays. The hotel bars were full of groups of happy people dressed up and celebrating after work. 
On a tuesday night. ... Hmm, guess I don't get out much.

 I'm back in tea towel production...for my neighbor's holiday bazaar this Saturday.

Requests are already coming.  I might just have to make a business out of this.

Oh, and I got some new business cards. I decided, cute as they are, the tiny Moocards are just too small. But look, they're just the same, only bigger. Still cute, don't you think?
 Leave your email address below and I'll send you a link for a 10% discount on moocards.


  1. Oh, I love your new biz cards! Are they from the Moo people too? I always have such a hard time picking an image for a card b/c I have so many I like.

    Let me know about that if you can. Have a fun time printing tea towels.

  2. HI Kristin, yes they're moocards. The quality is great, they have a nice smooth finish, on good cardstock.
    email me:, and I'll send you a link for a 10% discount.


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