Women Artists: Jay DeFeo

SFMOMA is now hosting a retrospective exhibit of Jay DeFeo's work.
This above is her most well-known work, titled "The Rose". She spent years on it, layering and sculpting paint, scraping it away.

Born in 1929, she grew up in the bay area, went to UC Berkeley, earning a BFA and an MFA in studio art. Sculpture, drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, photography, she tried it all. Realistic, abstract, and in between. Taught at Mills College for a while. 
She was part of the SF art scene, until she died of cancer in 1989.

Wanna know more about Jay and her work? 



  1. Hello. Would like to know more about rose picture directly above Jay's picture. My dad was a crazy beat guy and I have a photo of that painting along with a photo of Bruce Conner and others. Just trying to gather information. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hello A.,
    the rose drawings were on display at SFMOMA recently. I got the images online, and don't have any other info to give you. Good luck in your search!
    thanks for your comment!


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