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Art that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

My students' annual art exhibit is up now. The theme this year is SPACE
Constellations... negative space...spacesuits, aliens,

 scenes from outer space...
 spaceships... this one, the house from the movie UP,
 a spaceship big enough to stand in...and a cat spaceship, powered by farts...
 Mandalas... to represent inner space...
... and lastly, my favorite space to hang out right now. Look at those roses!

Rockridge Cafe Show

The show is up and hanging not too crookedly, at the moment.
 So far, so good.

 Thanks to everyone, friends old and new, who came out for a look!
Not enough pictures were taken of the many visitors.

It was great to see you all.
Thanks so much for coming!
P.S. And thanks, especially, for those RED DOTS.

On Display at the Rockridge Cafe


Getting Ready...

I've been away for a bit... Now I'm getting ready for a show of my artwork at the Rockridge Cafe in Oakland, going up this Wednesday, thru May 23rd. Click on the title above for the cafe's website. I'll be there for breakfast this Saturday, April 21, from 10-12.
Come join me if you can!

This past week I was on spring break, and took my son for a visit to RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design), where he's been accepted. Here are  a few pictures of the Nature Lab, my favorite part of the campus.

Students can come and draw the creatures in the lab, and even check things out. Wouldn't you love to go and draw there?

It's Pysanky time!

I think Easter is my favorite holiday. 
I love decorating eggs, spring flowers, bunnies, chicks, jelly beans, the egg hunt and, of course, chocolate! Well, what's not to love?
 I had good intentions. My plan was to have a pysanky tutorial up her for you by now. I guess it'll just have to wait til the weekend.
Stay tuned...