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Inspiration: JeanPaul Gaultier

JeanPaul Gaultier

We went to see the Gaultier exhibit at the deYoung museum today. I am not, never have been a fashion person at all, but ...WOW! Beautifully displayed, clever, CREATIVE. C'est fantastique!!!
Click on his name above to take a look, then GO GO GO  see Gaultier! 

Inspiration and Frustration

Well, I guess it's one of those days. I've been trying to post all day, and nothing is cooperating, iphoto's not working, my camera won't download. Will try again tomorrow...thought I was DONE with grad school papers for the semester, but no, revisions are sent back...again. Aaargh.
In the meantime... here's an artist I just read about in the May 2012 edition of British Country Living.
Angela Harding
She does paintings and prints... almost always including birds in her work.
Take a look! Click on her name above to go to her website...