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Paintings at the Wooden Duck

I have 13 paintings up and for sale at the Wooden Duck in Berkeley.
I hope this holiday season brings joy to you all, dear readers.  Happy Solstice!

The Shop has a New Look!

My kids decided to let me have the shop all to myself. Come take a peek!

Tea Towels Make Great Gifts

I am taking custom orders for hand block printed tea towels.  I can print any of the designs you see, in just about any color you'd like. These are all cotton floursack towels, about 28" square.   Cost: $15 each, plus a bit more for shipping if you want them mailed to you. I'll deliver to your house if you live nearby (in Oakland or Berkeley). Please place your orders by December 14th,  so I can get them to you before the holidays. Leave a message below or email me with the design you'd like and colors.  I'll email you back to confirm. Here we go, the holidays are upon us. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Paintings up at Rick & Ann's

There are 23 paintings of my gracing the walls at Rick & Ann's restaurant in Berkeley, now until December 15th. Stop in and take a look...or better yet, go have breakfast there. You won't regret those gingerbread waffles, let me tell ya. They are amazing!

Fall Colors

I had a glorious weekend away... an illustrator's retreat. Fall colors were everywhere!

 Beautiful Pinecrest Lake, very low at this time of year. 
 The colors of these leaves...breathtaking!
Illustrators are amazing artists in the kitchen, too. Body and soul nourished, I came home to paint some landscapes of our beautiful Bay Area. Prints will be for sale in the shop soon.

And... a show at Rick & Ann's restaurant in Berkeley...coming soon!

Inspiration: Melissa Sweet

Weekend before last I got to meet one of my favorite illustrators at SF Illustrator Day. Melissa Sweet. And she is.  I love her collage work... just gorgeous!
 This book, A River of Words, is one of my favorites.
One of her most recent, Balloons Over Broadway, tells of Tony Sarg, the puppeteer who created the Macy's Thanksgiving parade balloons. The book, which debuted last year,  was a Caldecott Honor book. Thank you Melissa!  You are such an inspiration to me. check out her charming website:

Inspiration: Clementine Hunter...and some big news!

Clementine Hunter was a self-taught African-American folk artist, born some time between 1886-1888. She was born on a plantation, and didn't start painting until she was in her 50s. I just found this beautiful picture book at the library, Art from Her Heart, 
 by Kathy Whitehead and illustrated beautifully by Shane W. Evans. 
 She lived on Melrose plantation, a haven for artists and writers. She found art supplies wherever she could, and painted after her day's work was done. Scenes from plantation life, hanging laundry, working in the fields, hunting, dancing at a party. going to church, filled her canvases.

She strung them up on a clothesline and charged twenty-five cents. She was not let in the front door at one of her first gallery exhibits, but had to enter after the gallery was closed.  By the end of her century long life in 1988, her paintings sold for thousands of dollars and were in museums around the world, including the Smithsonian, and auctioned off at Sotheby…

Paintings at the Rockridge Cafe

Nineteen animal paintings are now on the wall at the Rockridge Cafe, until October 9th. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and take a look.
I'll be there for breakfast   Saturday September 14, from 10am-12 noon I'd love to see you!
Rockridge Cafe  5492 College Ave Oakland, CA open 7 days 7:30 am to 3pm

New Art and other News

I'm getting ready for a new exhibit,  all paintings of animals, at the Rockridge Cafe in Oakland,
going up next week.  These folk art critters were so fun to paint... Folk art is one of my biggest influences. I think it's the simple shapes and the detailed patterns.

And the new school year has begun, with a whole roster of names to learn and match to faces,  new art supplies (!) and new projects to plan.  We kissed this one goodbye... she's off traveling the world, with no return ticket home.
(You can follow her blog her: ).
We skyped yesterday. She's currently in Istanbul.
I am still amazed that we can do this.

In the last week or so of summer I was a flurry of activity, stripping, sanding, painting this cabinet in our kitchen.  The back wall is now 'million dollar red'.
I've often wondered who gets to name pant colors. Now that would be a fun job to have.

Stay tuned for some other BIG news coming very soon!

Here's what you missed... and Sonia Delaunay

We were lucky last sunday, the sun came out!
we had fun setting up...
 with an eager helper...
 I sold a LOT of teatowels!  But I do have a few left, will put them in my etsy shop...stay tuned for that.
Now I'm working on color samples for the biography of Sonia Delaunay. Fun!

Art Sale in the we go again!


Art Class in the Garden

This last week I taught an art class in the garden every afternoon, with some kids in the neighborhood. One day I did a guided lesson in acrylics, to teach them a variety of techniques quickly. Here are their pear still lifes above, with an underlayer of red paint. Drawing on top of that in chalk is a great technique, as they can erase until they get something they are happy with.
 And finished paintings above. Pretty good for 5th-7th graders using acrylics for the first time, don't you think? I am not that experienced with acrylics myself. But the internet is an amazing resource. I found this tutorial very helpful. Pear Painting Tutorial
 On another day we worked in watercolor. I like to start off by  guiding students through a chart of different techniques. I think watercolor is the most frustrating media of all, it's so hard to plan ahead where to leave white space.
 Roo had a great time, soaking up all the attention.
When I wasn't teaching, I was either reading by our…