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Studio Seven Arts this Saturday

Happy Spring! Well, it sure feels and looks like spring around here. Plum and cherry blossoms bursting out, daffodils, even a rose in my garden. Such a warm spring is a bit strange,  where is the rain? I now have a dozen paintings up and for sale at Studio Seven Art Gallery gallery in Pleasanton. This Saturday, March 2nd, I'll be out at the gallery downtown, from 10am-2pm, demonstrating my gouache resist painting technique.  If you are in the area, stop by and take a look. I'm told there's a great farmer's market going on right outside the door.

Women Artists: Dahlov Ipcar

Here's an illustrator who's been around a long time, but I've just learned about her.  Dahlov Ipcar

is still alive, I believe. Born in Vermont, and mostly raised in New York City, she has lived most of her life on a farm in Maine. In 1939 she had her first solo show at MOMA in New York.  She was hired in 1945 to illustrate The Little Fisherman, above. Written by Margaret Wise Brown, this was her first book.

I just love her chickens! She loves to paint animals and farm life.  She has gone on to write and illustrate over thirty children's books.

Her artwork is in permanent collections of many museums. She continues to paint and exhibit her work today. Some of her books have been reissued recently.
"I have long felt that a child raised without art is as surely deprived as a child raised without love," she said.  Look her up, her work is wonderful!

Illustration Friday: Wool

Seems appropriate for this week, don't you think? It was gorgeous and sunny over the weekend, and now the temp has dropped and clouds have rolled in. I'm stuck at home with a cold. Time to get out my long-abandoned knitting and watch a movie. Have a great week!
PS I now have paintings for sale at Studio Seven Arts in Pleasanton, CA. I'll be out there
Saturday March 2nd, from 10 am-2pm, demonstrating my gouache resist painting technique.

Happy Year of the Snake

Happy year of the Snake! Sounds foreboding, doesn't it? Maybe that's why I made this little guy kind of cute. Hmmm. I do love February, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day,  all that RED, my favorite color!   Mine has started with a terrible cold. Sniffling along, I'm managing to get a few things done here today. Mailing out valentines has been a priority. So much more fun than doing taxes, don't you think? Lots of that going on here, as well. And chatting with the boy back east who survived the snowstorm just fine, except for dropping his phone in a snowbank. Life without texting is proving to be very difficult. Makes me laugh. I think he is living on facebook right now. How technology has changed our lives in such a short time!
Here's a little growing heart to cheer you up.
Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear readers!
Next post I'll tell you all about the two exhibits I have coming up... Have a great week!

A Busy Week...

Here's a little preview of what I've been working on...
And, if you haven't seen this yet and are a Downton Abbey fan...

'Sesame Street' takes on 'Downton Abbey' with 'Upside Downton Abbey' [Exclusive video]