Happy Year of the Snake

Happy year of the Snake! Sounds foreboding, doesn't it? Maybe that's why I made this little guy kind of cute. Hmmm. I do love February, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day
all that RED, my favorite color!  
Mine has started with a terrible cold. Sniffling along, I'm managing to get a few things done here today. Mailing out valentines has been a priority. So much more fun than doing taxes, don't you think? Lots of that going on here, as well. And chatting with the boy back east who survived the snowstorm just fine, except for dropping his phone in a snowbank. Life without texting is proving to be very difficult. Makes me laugh. I think he is living on facebook right now. How technology has changed our lives in such a short time!

Here's a little growing heart to cheer you up.

Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear readers!

Next post I'll tell you all about the two exhibits I have coming up...
Have a great week!


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