Women Artists: Dahlov Ipcar

 Here's an illustrator who's been around a long time, but I've just learned about her. 
Dahlov Ipcar

is still alive, I believe. Born in Vermont, and mostly raised in New York City, she has lived most of her life on a farm in Maine. In 1939 she had her first solo show at MOMA in New York. 
She was hired in 1945 to illustrate The Little Fisherman, above. Written by Margaret Wise Brown, this was her first book.

I just love her chickens! She loves to paint animals and farm life. 
She has gone on to write and illustrate over thirty children's books.

Her artwork is in permanent collections of many museums. She continues to paint and exhibit her work today. Some of her books have been reissued recently.
"I have long felt that a child raised without art is as surely deprived as a child raised without love," she said. 
Look her up, her work is wonderful!


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