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Exhibit at Collector Art Gallery

In case you can't read that text above:
Art Opening Friday April 12, 6-8 pm Collector Art Gallery 2950 College Avenue Berkeley, CA 
Can you tell which painting above is mine?

Robin's nest, above. I'll have some new bird and spring-themed artwork at the show.

 Also, something new I'm working on...

I know it's a ways off... I'll post again, closer to the date. Happy Spring, everyone!

International Women's Day at the Museum

We took a trip to the DeYoung museum on Saturday, to see the Girl with the Pearl Earring exhibit. Gorgeous paintings and Rembrandt prints. I highly recommend it.
Afterwards, we walked through the museum a bit. I found this beauty above, a mahogany sculpture by Elizabeth Catlett. So strong, so gorgeous. A perfect image for International Women's Day. I decided the next time I go to the museum, I will count all the work by women artists.   I'm afraid of what I will find, or rather, what I won't find.

Yet I did find Anti Mass, by another woman, British artist Cornelia Parker. You really have to see it in person, to get the texture, the way it hangs, the shadows. The pieces hanging are burnt wood, from a church in Kentucky, set by an arsonist. Yes, loaded with symbolism. She does lots of installations that are floating in air. Look her up, her work is fascinating.

Studio Seven Arts

Saturday I spent four hours at Studio Seven Arts Gallery in Pleasanton, demonstrating my gouache resist painting technique. Never having done this before, I wasn't sure what it would be like to paint in public.
It turned out to be really fun! Surprisingly, I started and finished an entire painting , and started work on another. AND managed to talk to quite a few curious visitors. Here I am above, with my aunt Jane Taggart, a marvelous painter herself. ( Look her up, her landscapes are beautiful!)
 Here's my painting above... just before I inked it...  and just after inking above...  Here it is after it's been washed off. I'll go in and touch up a few things...
Here's what I worked on in the gallery. Lots of little birds... more to come on those later! It was such a fun day, and downtown Pleasanton is a charming, old-fashioned town.  I will definitely be going back.  My paintings will be up for 3 months, so if you're out that way, stop in and take a look!