Studio Seven Arts

 Saturday I spent four hours at Studio Seven Arts Gallery in Pleasanton, demonstrating my gouache resist painting technique. Never having done this before, I wasn't sure what it would be like to paint in public.
It turned out to be really fun! Surprisingly, I started and finished an entire painting , and started work on another. AND managed to talk to quite a few curious visitors. Here I am above, with my aunt Jane Taggart, a marvelous painter herself. ( Look her up, her landscapes are beautiful!)

 Here's my painting above... just before I inked it...
 and just after inking above...
 Here it is after it's been washed off. I'll go in and touch up a few things...

Here's what I worked on in the gallery. Lots of little birds... more to come on those later!
It was such a fun day, and downtown Pleasanton is a charming, old-fashioned town. 
I will definitely be going back. 
My paintings will be up for 3 months, so if you're out that way, stop in and take a look!


  1. Looks great Kieren! Your process is so magical, the idea of painting black over everthing you've done is frighting until the big reveal, I bet people loved seeing it. I hope you sell some work too.


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