I'm Feeling Grateful

For the many friends and family who came to the reception at Collector gallery...
(my paintings are still up for another week)

 ( these three below stole the show!)

 ...For my terrific illustrators' group, who bring desserts like this! 
(and much needed illustrative advice, of course)
 and for my wonderful writer's group, who also make amazing desserts! 
(and excellent critiques, too)

... for this glorious springtime... 
all of our Cecile Bruner roses decided to bloom at once this year.

...and for time to work on the story of this incredible woman...
Sonia Delaunay
Here's a first color sketch for her story, playing with her style... and mine.


  1. Love the Sonia Delaunay painting! Have you read her biography? It was good. I love the colors behind her and you have the shapes right that she used.
    Hope you sold some paintings too!

  2. Thanks, Kristin! Yes, I have read about 10 books on Sonia's life and work. She lived in such interesting times.

  3. Grateful to know you and inspired by your forward thinking optimism; you are always exploring, learning, making, sharing!

  4. Thank you, Connie. SO glad to have you on the journey with me.


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