Art Class in the Garden

This last week I taught an art class in the garden every afternoon, with some kids in the neighborhood. One day I did a guided lesson in acrylics, to teach them a variety of techniques quickly. Here are their pear still lifes above, with an underlayer of red paint. Drawing on top of that in chalk is a great technique, as they can erase until they get something they are happy with.

 And finished paintings above. Pretty good for 5th-7th graders using acrylics for the first time, don't you think? I am not that experienced with acrylics myself. But the internet is an amazing resource. I found this tutorial very helpful. Pear Painting Tutorial

 On another day we worked in watercolor. I like to start off by 
guiding students through a chart of different techniques. I think watercolor is the most frustrating media of all, it's so hard to plan ahead where to leave white space.

 Roo had a great time, soaking up all the attention.

When I wasn't teaching, I was either reading by our pond in the sun ( The Time in Between, by Maria Duenas, a great epic summer novel set in Spain before WW2 ) or making teatowels for our upcoming art sale. Stay tuned for more on that later this week.


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