Inspiration: Clementine Hunter...and some big news!

 Clementine Hunter was a self-taught African-American folk artist, born some time between 1886-1888. She was born on a plantation, and didn't start painting until she was in her 50s. I just found this beautiful picture book at the library, Art from Her Heart, 

 by Kathy Whitehead and illustrated beautifully by Shane W. Evans. 

 She lived on Melrose plantation, a haven for artists and writers. She found art supplies wherever she could, and painted after her day's work was done. Scenes from plantation life, hanging laundry, working in the fields, hunting, dancing at a party. going to church, filled her canvases.

She strung them up on a clothesline and charged twenty-five cents. She was not let in the front door at one of her first gallery exhibits, but had to enter after the gallery was closed. 
By the end of her century long life in 1988, her paintings sold for thousands of dollars and were in museums around the world, including the Smithsonian, and auctioned off at Sotheby's. 

 I love the exhuberant narrative in her work. She documented a time that no longer exists.

 And now to completely change the subject:

 I'm excited to announce that I'm now represented by the Herman Agency in New York. 


  1. Huge congratulations, Kieren! I hope it brings you lots of great opportunities.

  2. Thank you so much Gay! We will see, we will see.


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