New Art and other News

 I'm getting ready for a new exhibit, 
all paintings of animals, at the Rockridge Cafe in Oakland,
going up next week.
 These folk art critters were so fun to paint... Folk art is one of my biggest influences. I think it's the simple shapes and the detailed patterns.

And the new school year has begun, with a whole roster of names to learn and match to faces,
 new art supplies (!) and new projects to plan.
 We kissed this one goodbye... she's off traveling the world, with no return ticket home.
(You can follow her blog her: ).
We skyped yesterday. She's currently in Istanbul.
I am still amazed that we can do this.

In the last week or so of summer I was a flurry of activity, stripping, sanding, painting this cabinet in our kitchen.  The back wall is now 'million dollar red'.
I've often wondered who gets to name pant colors. Now that would be a fun job to have.

Stay tuned for some other BIG news coming very soon!


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