Inspiration: Anita Lobel

 Anita Lobel is one of my favorite children's book illustrators.She has written and illustrated many gorgeous books. I just love her style of illustration. Graphic, colorful, with wonderful pattern and texture.

 She was married to Arnold Lobel, of Frog and Toad fame, until his untimely death. They met at Pratt, when they were both students.

 She grew up in Poland, her nanny took her and her little brother into hiding during WWII. They hid for five years, in farmhouses, people's basements, the woods, anywhere they could find refuge. Eventually she escaped to Sweden, where she was reunited with her parents.
Eventually she wrote a book about her childhood. It is an amazing story.

Go look for Anita Lobel's books at the library, you won't be disappointed!


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