My aunt Janie

My aunt Jane Taggart was a prolific landscape painter, an astrologer, a collector of crystals and all sorts of eclectic passions. And could she talk. She'd leave a message on my answering machine, run out of tape and call back to finish her story. She was the 'resident astrologer' for my writers' group: I'd call her now and then to say Hi and find out when the stars were best aligned to send out manuscripts to editors, and report back to the group. Here we are a few years ago at an exhibit of my work. She was a big supporter of my painting, always encouraging me to keep working and putting my artwork out into the world.
My blog is named after the picture book she gave me, 'The Tyger Voyage",

written by Richard Adams, illustrated by Nicola Bayley. She gave it to me for my 14th birthday. I cried because I loved the illustrations so much, and some part of me knew this was an important moment. I wanted to make books. I still do.

Well, Janie passed away yesterday, at 84 years old, after quite a few years of failing health. I will miss her dearly.


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