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Swan Song + Viewing and Making Art

Big news here...   I quit my teaching job of 20 years! I'm not quite sure what I will be doing next, but I do know it will include making a lot more art. And looking for work. (Want to hire me?) I have been teaching for 29 years - wow, how did that happen? I'm feeling kind of burnt out and ready for something new.
 Here are the last projects I did with my students. Above - CD weavings, made by all the students 1st-8th grade. We used old CDs as looms, warping out from the center, then weaving in a spiral. We strung them all together to create this beautiful wall hanging for the new stairwell of the upper school.

 Above, clay bells, made by 7th graders. This project was so fun! We made stamps out of clay, fired them and then used them to add texture to our clay bells. The kids and I loved using each other's stamps to create beautiful patterns.

 A few days ago I took the train to Sacramento to visit a dear friend who recently moved there. We spent the afternoon at the Crocke…